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If you’re a homeowner, you know that you can’t go too many days without mowing the lawn. Hiring a professional landscaper is quite expensive. An alternative might be purchasing a Ryobi lawn mower for lawn and garden care needs. They’re efficient, usable, and there are various lawn mower varieties to choose from with the manufacturer.

In selecting a lawn mower, you’ll have to decide between gas or electric and push or riding mowers. You’ll also have to differentiate the proficiency, ability to adjust settings, and different control options, to meet your specific needs. Not every person wants the fastest lawn mower or the strongest motor.

Some are looking for something that’s efficient, easy to use, and is simple to adjust, for a reasonable price. Regardless of your needs, when buying a new lawn mower, there are hundreds of products to compare. So, start the search to find the lawn care tools. The right mower will make your life easier, and reduce the time it takes to complete gardening tasks weekly.

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Ryobi Lawn Mowers: Do You Need A Riding Or Push Mower?

First of all, homeowners must decide between a push or riding Ryobi lawn mower for their garden care needs. Additionally, they’ll break this down into choosing between gas or electric varieties. The size of the backyard and budget play a role in the Ryobi lawn mower homeowners decides to purchase.

Ryobi Riding Lawn Mower

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Some homeowners will benefit from selecting a Ryobi lawn mower. For example, if their backyard is larger than half an acre, a push mower isn’t as efficient. How often they maintain the yard and endurance levels, will also dictate which consumers will buy a riding mower. For some people, it’s a matter of preference. Some prefer using a riding mower because it has more features and adjustment options. Therefore, this is another critical area to consider when selecting a lawn mower.

Gas Vs. Electric

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Consumers should then consider whether they’ll buy a gas or electric lawn mower. Gas tanks are usually more efficient and last longer for mowing a larger area of land. If the lawn is huge, gas mowers are more capable of completing the job on a single tank. Some electric mowers might require recharging halfway through the job. On the flip side, electric lawn mowers are more eco-friendly than gas lawn mowers. And, they’re more affordable.

Ryobi Push Lawn Mower

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A second option is a Ryobi push mower. For homeowners with less than half an acre of land to mow, this is a superior alternative. Those who maintain the garden area several times a week will also find this more comfortable to use. And, if you’re on a budget, it’s much cheaper than a riding lawn mower. For those who are physically active, it’s also a great way to get in an extra workout each week.

Gas Vs. Electric

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In this category, homeowners also have to choose between a gas or electric Ryobi lawn mower. For jobs that take less than 30 minutes and relatively flat terrain, an electric mower is a good option. They’re also more affordable, so it won’t cost as much to purchase up front. If, however, if it takes upwards of an hour to mow, a gas mower might be a superior option. Additionally, if the grass isn’t smooth, and there are ditches or slopes, a gas mower is easier to operate. It produces more power making it easier to push through deviations in the land.

Average Price Of A Ryobi Lawn Mower

A Ryobi lawn mower will vary in price depending on whether it’s riding or push. Additionally, gas and electric varieties also have different price levels. Those products with more features, settings, and adjustment options are going to cost more. A standard, electric push mower, is much more affordable than a riding mower with 25-horsepower capabilities.

How We Reviewed The Best Ryobi Lawn Mower Varieties

When comparing the best Ryobi lawn mower and competitor’s products, we considered several characteristics. First of all, the type of lawn mower and its capabilities were two critical areas in our analysis. We discussed the motor/engine power, how long it can operate, and the different adjustment settings each product offers. For electric mowers, we compared the charge time, operability, and ease of use. And, for gas mowers, we examined the tank size, horsepower, and different power settings. In our review, we also include the price of and reviews written by those who own them. This information helps those looking for affordability and the best mower, for their lawn and garden care needs.

The Best Manufacturers Outside The Ryobi Lawn Mower Family

Several manufacturers produce residential push and riding lawn mowers. These are some of the best lawn mowers to choose from that aren’t in the Ryobi lawn mower family.

Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower is easy to operate and great for larger lawn areas. Additionally, they’re more powerful and have more usable features. These are a few top competitors to a Ryobi lawn mower in the riding category.

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The LT Cub Cadet gas-powered lawn mower has a 42-inch cutting deck. It also has a Cub Cadet Bluetooth connection and auto-choke push start button. The lawn mower has a 547 cc electronic fuel injected engine. There’s mow in reverse feature as well, allowing owners to go over rough patches multiple times. A hydrostatic transmission is easy to operate. The front bumper Bluetooth app allows owners to connect with mobile devices also. There’s a cup holder for those days where it’s warm outside, and you’re mowing a large lawn area.

The lawn mower can cover large areas of terrain on a single tank of gas. An OEM-branded engine and a three-year warranty guarantee the operability of this lawn mower. A 16-inch turning radius makes it easy to move around tight corners. The adjustable seat allows owners of varying heights to modify the seating area to increase comfort levels. There are 12 different adjustment settings to alter the cutting height. The mower also has an e-coat corrosion defense system. This design helps minimize rust from forming around the components and engine. It has a three-gallon tank.

One reviewer notes that the leaf pickup function doesn’t operate correctly on the lawn mower. Rather than pick up the leaves, it blows them around the lawn. This design increases the amount of time it takes to complete gardening work.

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The electric riding mower has a powerful, 382 cc Troy-Bilt Powermore Premium OHV engine. The auto-choke setting guarantees the engine will start on the first attempt. There’s a 30-inch wide, adjustable cutting deck on this lawn mower. Owners can adjust the cutting height from 1 1/4 inches to 3 1/4 inches. Depending on the type of grass they’re mowing, the lawn mower easily changes to cut grass to the perfect level. The lawn mower is easy to maneuver as well. So, owners can adjust turn settings, and work around tight edges quickly.

This lawn mower has a versatile, six-speed transmission. Every user can mow the lawn at the perfect speed setting. The manual PTO also makes it easy to engage the blades when mowing the lawn. It won’t over or undercut grass, and doesn’t require multiple adjustments to lock the blade into place. An 18-inch turning radius is ideal for edging, trimming, or general lawn care. For those who want to do design work on the grass, the tight turning radius allows them to do so. The mid-back seat height provides high levels of comfort for long riding periods. The front tires are 13.5 inches, and rear is 16.5 inches. This height disparity allows owners to quickly adjust and turn corners naturally, for a smooth, even ride.

The reviewers indicate it is an excellent lawn mower. One of the major drawbacks is that it doesn’t last as long as a gas-powered mower.

Push Lawn Mower

For those who prefer efficiency and affordability, a push lawn mower if an excellent choice. These are a couple of the best products to consider when choosing a residential lawn mower.

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This lawn mower has a smart-stow design. Therefore, owners can easily fold it away for storage, minimizing the space it takes in the garage when it’s not in use. A 22-inch cutting deck has a Recycler cutting system and automatic blade. This mower has a 6.25 foot-pound gross torque and 150 cc Briggs & Stratton EXI OHV engine. Additionally, it has a ready start function so that the engine will begin on the first attempt.

The Recycler cutting blade design goes over areas of the lawn multiple times, to re-cut clippings to the perfect level. A just-check and add-feature eliminates the need for owners to change oil filters on this lawn mower. It’s also highly maneuverable and lightweight, making it easy to move over steep terrain or rough patches or grass. There’s a 3-in-1 mulch bag to prevent discharge of grass while mowing the lawn. There’s a total of nine cutting positions on this mower. So, it’s possible to adjust blade settings from one to four inches in height.

This reviewer indicates the recycler design isn’t capable of keeping up with the half-inch cut. It is loud and bogs down the engine, slowing down performance.

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This lawn mower has a 58-volt cordless battery system. The high voltage mower operates using a brushless motor. It has a 21-inch, composite cutting deck that the manufacturer guarantees for life. There’s a push-button start, and onboard storage, allowing owners to put an additional battery on the mower. This lawn mower has three adjustable handle height settings also. So, every user can adjust to the perfect height. This characteristic provides for the highest levels of comfort possible when mowing the lawn.

The lawn mower folds for storage, and owners can lay it down vertically or horizontally in the garage. This design feature ensures it takes up as little space as possible, when not in use. The four-point, seven-position cutting height, is an excellent trait of this lawn mower. It allows owners to adjust the blades to the perfect height. So, they can choose how low the grass is while mowing. A bag, side mulch system holds the grass for easy disposal after using the lawn mower. The five-year warranty is another great guarantee of quality and performance.

Complaints of the battery life are common with this product. Additionally, the long charge times detract from the usability of this lawn mower. The quality and performance are excellent. However, owners indicate the durability and battery life are issues that significantly detract from the overall quality.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Or The Competition?

Ryobi Lawn Mower

There are several great lawn mowers in the push and riding categories. For those who want an efficient and trustworthy system, a Ryobi lawn mower is excellent for lawn care needs. Offering both gas and electric engines, there are many lawn mowers for homeowners to select.

For consumers looking for alternatives, an excellent riding lawn mower is the Cub Cadet series. The 42-inch riding deck will minimize the amount of time it takes to complete lawn work. The three-gallon tank can quickly finish mowing a large lawn area, without having to refill. And, this lawn mower has a powerful engine capable of going up steep hills. It features the mow in reverse setting, allowing owners to move over difficult patches multiple times if necessary. An adjustable seat, tall back height, and cup holder are nice additional bonuses to increase riding comfort.

The Toro Recycler is an alternative to a Ryobi lawn mower in the push-behind category. The large cutting deck, lightweight design, and adjustable cutting heights are excellent features. It also has a Recycler design. This system rolls over areas of grass multiple times, to mow grass to the perfect levels. There are nine adjustment levels on this lawn mower, from one to four inches. This design makes it easy for owners to change settings to the perfect height. Lastly, the reputable brand-name in Toro guarantees quality and performance that consumers can trust.

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