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Gone are the days when maintaining your sprawling lawn gobbled up all your weekend. All you have to do is invest in the best lawn tractor for your yard (and budget) and your weekends can be freed up to do other things you love.

Not that lawn maintenance is boring, but it can be rather tedious at times. That’s why you need a fun new solution that will spruce up your lawn care time. Who needs to put off mowing the lawn when you get to ride a tractor?

With a lawn tractor at your beck and call, you can quickly deal with your overgrowing lawn and have enough time to go out with the guys (or gals).

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What Exactly Is A Lawn Tractor?


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Before we run around looking for the best lawn tractor to suit your needs, let’s quickly get to know and understand what a lawn tractor is.

A lawn tractor is a type of riding mower designed to look like a small farm tractor. But looks alone aren’t what make this mower unique. The biggest difference lies under the hood. Lawn tractors have more power than regular riding mowers, giving an edge when it comes to carrying out their duties swiftly.

One disadvantage that lawn tractors have when compared to regular riding mowers is that they have their cutting deck right between the front and rear axles. That makes them less maneuverable than their regular counterparts with cutting decks closer to the front axle.

Lawn tractors are generally used to mow large yards. They have enough horsepower to tackle even the roughest of terrains, and at a very fast rate.

A Few Things To Note About Lawn Tractors (FAQs)

lawn tractor

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Because of the gray areas in which riding mowers fall in, many people have a lot of questions concerning them. Let me answer a few of your burning questions.

Are kids allowed to operate lawn tractors?

We all value teaching our children responsibility and hard work by giving them chores. And mowing the lawn has always been one of those responsibilities. But when it comes to lawn tractors, you will have to realize that they classify as heavy machinery. As such, if you assign your teen to operate it, you will have to ensure that an adult is supervising them.

Are lawn tractors allowed in every state?

Different states have differing laws governing lawn tractors, with California being one of the strictest. Before purchasing a lawn tractor, make sure you understand your state and local laws.

How much should I expect to pay for good lawn tractor?

While they come in different sizes and with different specs and features, finding the best lawn tractor doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to empty your account. 

As for where you can purchase one, the manufacturer’s websites are a good place to start. However, you can still order from your favorite online stores like Amazon, Home Depot, Sears, and others that stock landscaping equipment.

The Best Lawn Tractor — How They Made The Cut

best lawn tractor

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So how did the lawn tractors on this list make the cut? What influenced our review?

  • ​Technical specifications
  • ​Features
  • ​Reviews of users
  • Manufacturer’s claims and user experiences

We considered two major factors to make this review as reliable as possible. First and foremost, we looked at the technical specifications and features of each tractor. The second criteria that helped us determine the best lawn tractor were the reviews of users who purchased the tractors. These reviews, negative and positive, gave us a look into the real-life performance of each lawn tractor.

In essence, we used both the manufacturer’s claims and user experiences to provide you with a list of the best lawn tractors. Tractors that you can happily live with knowing they will serve you well.

Looking For The Best Lawn Tractor? Here Are 5 To Choose From

Now that we have cleared those few issues, we can go ahead and look for the best lawn tractor to help you effectively and efficiently take care of your yard.

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Husqvarna has been making domestic and industrial equipment for more than 300 years. In that time, they have perfected the art of engineering tools. The Husqvarna TS354X lawn tractor is an excellent example of that perfection.

The Husqvarna TS354X lawn tractor is for heavy duty garden work. It can easily tackle even the toughest of terrains and leave them looking gorgeous. Powered by a 24 horsepower Kawasaki engine, this is a beast of a machine that will help you make short work of your mowing. And because it comes with a commercial grade transmission, you will enjoy not just a smooth changing of gears, but a durable tractor.

When it comes to the actual mowing, the TS354X comes with a 54-inch cutting deck. It ensures that you cover as much ground as possible with each run. As for the tractor damaging your precious lawn, that won’t happen, as this lawn tractor comes with wide rear tires that afford the TS354X excellent traction. That means the tractor will glide over the lawn as it mows.

One of the features that qualify this lawn tractor to be on our best lawn tractor list is the comfort it offers. With well-designed and very ergonomic chairs, you can be sure of a good ride as you work. So much so that you can even be tempted to take it out for a joy ride. The one negative is for those with lawns under a half acre. While it might seem like fun, this mower is a bit too much for the typical residential lot.

It comes with an average market price price tag.

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Cub Cadet is one of the leaders in the lawn maintenance equipment space. And that’s because they make some pretty good machinery. Take the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT46 for example.

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT46 is probably the best lawn tractor made by the company, especially since it strikes the perfect balance between performance and price. On the performance front, the XT1 comes equipped with an efficient 22 horsepower Kohler V-Twin Hydrostatic engine. Apart from efficiency, this engine makes for a spritely lawn tractor that is powerful enough to move the 460-pound mower around any kind of terrain.

It’s another lawn tractor that comes with a big 46-inch cutting deck that will help you get your job done quickly. And if you are new to lawn tractors, this could be your best choice, as it is one of the most user-friendly lawn tractors on the market.

Riding this tractor is a dream, thanks to the cleverly designed seat. Unlike many lawn tractors on the market whose seats are slippery, the Club Cadet XT1 LT46 comes with a comfortable oversized seat with an elevated backrest. You can sit in it for prolonged periods without feeling fatigued. And you can actually do that too, thanks to the three-gallon fuel tank that minimizes the frequency of stopping for a refill. While the Cub Cadet XT 1 is a lot less money, it is also a lot less machine.

The Cub Cadet XT1 is a bargain, especially since its only for an affordable price. It’s probably the best lawn tractor around as far as value for money is concerned.

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John Deere is another equipment company that has been around for eons. And they too, like Husqvarna, have perfected the art of making machinery that pleases users. The John Deere X series of lawn tractors are a great example of the evolution of lawn tractors. Our best lawn tractor pick from that series is the midrange John Deere E130.

The X350 is a fantastic lawn tractor that comes with many bells and whistles. First of all, you’ll find some pretty sweet features under the hood. For instance, the buttery-smooth 18.5 horsepower V-Twin iTorque engine and the reliable 3 Twin Touch hydrostatic transmission. It has an updated easy-to-use color-coded control panel. To complete the mowing packing, it also features a car-like cruise control.

When it comes to the actual mowing, you’ll love the 42-inch deck. Not only will it make it easier and faster for you to mow a large yard, but it’s designed to increase airflow. That improves the cut quality, especially at faster speeds (yes, that’s a legitimate reason to mix work with play.) The deck on the John Deere X350 also has the edge over others in that its close to five-inch deep shell extends all the way around. That makes it easier to collect the cut grass if you don’t want to mulch. The drawback to the X350 is the price. John Deere is great at all those extra, but they punch that price tag right into the stratosphere.

Overall, the John Deere X350 is an excellent lawn tractor built for durability and superior performance. Of course, the proof is in the finely-cut, smells like freshly cut grass flavored pudding. For the John Deere, the pudding is the best-in-class 4-year/300-hour limited warranty. 

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Overall, the Poulan Pro PP22VA48 is a feature-rich lawn tractor that you won’t regret bringing home. This lawn tractor might just be the best lawn tractor on our list. It is an excellent purchase, especially since it comes with a friendly affordable price tag.

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Sometimes to enjoy a tedious chore, you need to get some premium equipment that you will enjoy using. And this is where the Snapper SPX23/42 comes in.

Snapper lawn tractors have been on the lawn maintenance scene for some years now. They are instantly recognizable by their bright red coat of paint and angular designs. Gorgeous as the Snapper SPX series of lawn tractors are, they have been redesigned to look more aggressive.

But the looks department is not the only upgrade the new Snapper lawn tractors come with. Under the hood, the Snapper SPX23/42 features a 23 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin or Professional Series engine. But that’s not half the goodness you’ll find under the hood. It also comes with Overhead Valve (OVH) technology and an easy-to-maintain engine. That means not only will the Snapper save you time on maintaining your lawn, but it also saves you time on keeping it in tip-top running condition.

When it comes to what it was created to do, the Snapper SPX232/42 comes with a 42-inch cutting deck. Surprisingly, this lawn tractor, despite such a large cutting deck, has a very tight 14-inch turning radius. If you want to do your cutting in the wee hours of the morning or late into the night, the bright LED lights will help you see everything in your path.

And at the snap of a finger, your lawn will be taken care of. Well, not really. But when you’re riding this machine, it certainly feels like it.

The Best Lawn Tractor For A Well-Manicured Yard

best lawn tractor

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For many people, keeping a well-manicured yard is a top priority. After all, your yard is the first thing your neighbors judge you by. And to do this, you need to invest in the best and most efficient equipment.

For your lawn, it means you need to invest in the best lawn tractor.

So which among these five fabulous lawn tractors should you make space for in your shed? While they are all amazing specimens, the best value for money lawn tractor on our list is the Poulan Pro PP22VA48. It is a well-designed machine — both in form and function.

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