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There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly mowed yard, weedless and pristine. The soft green grass begs you to come out, grab an ice tea, and enjoy the afternoon sunlight basking in the beauty of your backyard. That’s the way we should feel about our lawn. But it takes some work and know-how to get that fantasy to become reality.

My name is Janae McMillan and I’m obsessed with beautiful lawns. So is the rest of my team, which is why we’re here. We want to provide you with the best reviews and all the news about everything you need to do to care for your yard.

Who makes the best push mower, or conversely, the best rider? We know and we will spell it all out for you. From John Deere to Lawn Boy, we cover the biggest names in lawn care equipment, as well as many you may not know. We’ll teach you when to seed and fertilize your lawn, test and improve your soil, and how to choose the right grass through our informative articles.

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